Recognize Problem

Define Problem

Collect Data

Analyze Data


Develop Hypothesis

Test Hypothesis

Ward & Associates Forensic Fire Investigation Inc. delivers:

  • Compliancy with privacy and consent policies
  • Identifying subrogation or liability possibilities
  • Interviews with the insured, owners, witnesses, and others
  • Neighborhood canvasing for additional details and witnesses
  • Thorough scene examination along with documentation through —


Scene Drawings

Evidence Collection

  • Area of origin systemic debris removal to dig for the truth
  • Preliminary verbal and/or e-mail reports within 24-hours of investigation
  • Evidence collection with speedy turn around time for analysis
  • Evidence documentation, preservation, and storage

Coordination with—

  • Opposing Experts
  • Laboratory Personnel
  • Engineers
  • Attorneys

Review of—

  • Recalls
  • Instructions
  • Service bulletins
  • American Society for Testing and Materials standards
  • National Fire Protection Association standards and codes
  • Other relevant documentation
  • Fire department and/or police incident reports
  • Incident scene reconstruction

The Ward & Associates team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to exceed the highest standards of the investigation industry and provide you with the facts to help you make an informed claim decision.



"We Dig to Find the Truth!"

Address: P.O. Box 201, Manhattan, IL 60442

Phone: (815) 405-5491

Fax:  (815) 478-7635

E-Mail: [email protected]

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